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Whether you want to shape and trim your hedges, delicate flowers, or woody branches, a pair of gardening shears is the right tool to have. In fact, it’s a must-have in any avid gardener’s toolkit.

Available in many types, gardening shears can cater to a wide variety of tasks and plants around the garden. But that’s also why picking the right one for your home can be a tricky decision. Fortunately, we did the research for you and listed the best gardening shears in the UK.

Read our guide to learn all about the top picks and make an informed decision.

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Darlac’s lightweight shears offer easy maneuverability, making them perfect for precise and comfortable cutting in your garden without added strain.

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Draper’s telescopic shears ensure easy use with their adjustable length, providing a versatile and user-friendly solution for various gardening tasks.

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Fiskars PowerGear™ X HSX92 boasts power with its advanced design, offering enhanced cutting efficiency for tackling even the toughest hedge trimming.

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Bulldog’s hedge shears with a wavy blade are ideal for thick stems and twigs, providing powerful cutting performance for robust and challenging pruning tasks.

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Niwaki’s garden shears excel as all-rounders, combining versatility and precision for a wide range of gardening applications, making them a reliable choice for various tasks.

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Types of Gardening Shears

Gardening shears come in many specialised types, including:

  • Pruning Shears: Better known as secateurs, these shears precisely cut small branches with bypass blades.
  • Hedge Shears: These shears shape and trim hedges and shrubs with long, narrow blades.
  • Grass Shears: These shears access hard-to-reach areas to trim grass with long, narrow blades.
  • Rose Shears: These shears have small, sharp blades designed for roses and delicate flowers.
  • Bypass Shears: These shears make clean cuts on live wood with minimal damage.
  • Anvil Shears: These shears use a single sharpened blade and anvil to cut deadwood.

Are Gardening Shears The Same as Hedge Trimmers?

Gardening shears are often confused with hedge trimmers, but they’re completely different tools. Garden shears are designed for the precise cutting of small branches and stems. They can shape and maintain various plants in your gardens.

Meanwhile, hedge trimmers are large and motorised. They’re designed specifically to trim hedges and can handle thicker branches in a shorter time. Both tools are essentials in a gardener’s kit.

Ranking Method

Using our comprehensive ranking method, we’ve listed some of the best gardening shears in the UK market. Categories like Best Lightweight, Best All-Rounder, Best Ease of Use, and more helped us narrow our choices.

Our reviews also include factors like performance, material, weight, pros, and cons. Read our guide to find the perfect shears for your garden.

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The Best Gardening Shears in 2024

Uncover the best gardening shears of 2024, crafted for precise cutting and shaping, elevating your gardening experience with efficiency and precision.

Darlac Lightweight Shear


Best Lightweight

Darlac Lightweight Shear

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Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight build
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Exceptional performance
  • Replaceable blades
  • Extra-long alloy handles

Reasons to Avoid

  • Does not come with a blade cover
  • Limited shock absorption
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

The Darlac Lightweight Shear isn’t just any gardening tool – it’s the best lightweight pick on the market. Weighing under 1kg, it gives your arms and grips a well-deserved break during your garden work.

But what really makes these shears a cut above the rest are the extra-long carbon steel blades. They’re like garden samurais, ready to shape topiaries, hedges, and grass with remarkable precision.

In the durability department, we’ve got the replaceable SK5 8-inch carbon steel blades. They’re like the epitome of all things robust, ensuring you’ll have these shears in your kit for many seasons.

Still, let’s not beat around the bush – there’s a minor glitch in this impressive. It doesn’t come with a blade cover, so you might want to think about where to safely stow it when not in use.

Why Do We Recommend Darlac Lightweight Shears?

The Darlac Lightweight Shears are true to their name: lightweight, compact, and easy to use. Their extra-long carbon steel blades are versatile enough for tasks like hedge trimming, topiary shaping, grass trimming, and pruning.

Read more about this product on the Darlac Lightweight Shears page.

Tool Dimensions 71 × 17 × 3 cm
Blade Length 203 mm
Blade Material Carbon steel
Handle Material Alloy
Weight 0.8 kg

The Darlac Lightweight Shears are suitable for those who need to trim their hedges, shape topiaries, or cut grass. Its lightweight construction and comfortable design appeal to both beginners and professionals.

Draper Telescopic Shears


Best Easy to Use

Draper Telescopic Shears

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Reasons to Buy

  • Incredible performance
  • Affordable price
  • Adjustable blade tension
  • Telescopic 550 mm handle
  • Comes with a blade cover

Reasons to Avoid

  • Flimsy plastic handles
  • Not for professional use
  • Not for heavy-duty work

When it comes to garden shears, the Draper Telescopic Shears are always there to lend a helping hand. These shears are user-friendly and designed for an effortless gardening experience.

What sets these shears apart is their adjustable blade tension – like having a custom tailor for your gardening tasks. You can fine-tune these shears to match your preferences and the job at hand, ensuring precision without breaking a sweat. Plus, the telescopic handles adapt to different reach requirements and tight spots.

The best part? Quality is never compromised. The blades are built to last, and the soft-grip handles make prolonged tasks comfortable. And with the handy blade cover, your shears stay safe and sharp between gardening adventures.

They’re a great fit for everyone, thanks to their versatility in hedge trimming, bush pruning, and all-around garden maintenance.

Why Do We Recommend Draper Telescopic Shears?

We recommend the Draper Telescopic Shears for their affordability, versatility, and performance. This tool offers great value for money, especially for budget-conscious gardeners.

More product information found via the official Draper Telescopic Shears page.

Tool Dimensions 5.8 x 34 x 74 cm
Blade Length 200 mm
Blade Material Hardened carbon steel
Handle Material SoftGrip rubber
Weight 0.9 kg

The Draper Telescopic Shears are suitable for anyone seeking a reliable tool to trim hedges and bushes. Its adjustable blade tension and telescopic handles maximise the tool’s versatility.

Fiskars PowerGear™ X Hedge Shear HSX92


Best Powerful

Fiskars PowerGear™ X Hedge Shear HSX92

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Reasons to Buy

  • Unique PowerGear™ mechanism
  • PTFE stainless steel blades
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Comfortable SoftGrip handle
  • Versatile use

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not for large branches
  • Expensive
  • High maintenance

The Fiskars PowerGear™ X Hedge Shear HSX92 is like the superhero of the gardening world, offering unmatched power. Designed to tackle the toughest hedge and bush trimming tasks, it sets a new gold standard for performance.

The secret weapon of these shears is their patented PowerGear™ mechanism. It’s a force multiplier that turns you into a cutting powerhouse. With up to three times more cutting force than regular shears, they spare you the usual physical strain.

But that’s not all – these shears have stainless steel blades coated with PTFE for friction reduction. This ensures clean, effortless cuts that glide through branches. It’s no wonder professionals turn to these shears to tame vast and intricate hedges.

And if all that power makes you worried about comfort, fear not. The SoftGrip handle construction is ergonomic, reducing hand and arm fatigue during those marathon pruning sessions.

Why Do We Recommend Fiskars PowerGear™ X Hedge Shears HSX92?

The Fiskars PowerGear™ X Hedge Shears HSX92 is loved for its patented technology and durable construction. That included its stainless steel blade with PTFE coating and comfortable SoftGrip handle.

Visit the official Fiskars PowerGear™ X Hedge Shears HSX92 page for more information.

Tool Dimensions 63 x 16.5 x 3 cm
Blade Length 200 mm
Blade Material Stainless steel
Handle Material Aluminum and SoftGrip rubber
Weight 0.8 kg

The Fiskars PowerGear™ X Hedge Shears HSX92 is suitable for those who prioritise performance above all. Its innovative and ergonomic design is the secret to its exceptional cutting power, user comfort, and reduced friction.

Bulldog Hedge Shears Wavy Blade


Best For Thick Stems and Twigs

Bulldog Hedge Shears Wavy Blade

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Reasons to Buy

  • Works on thick stems and twigs
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with a blade cover and hook
  • Wavy edge blade
  • Great value for money

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not for larger hands
  • Plastic handles
  • Subpar shock absorption

When it’s time to take on those stubborn, woody stalks in your garden, the Bulldog Hedge Shear steps up. These shears are all about delivering robust cutting power, making them a must-have for those battling thick growth.

The game-changer here is the wavy edge blade. This unique design ensures a solid grip and control when tackling those thicker branches. No plant casualties here – these shears leave you with clean, precise cuts every time.

The compact design is another great benefit. Their smaller size lets you easily manoeuvre and squeeze into tight spots, perfect for those precision trimming tasks.

Still, a little heads-up: they’re not meant for heavy-duty lopper-like tasks. But the inclusion of a blade cover and hanging hook? That’s a stroke of genius for storage and easy maintenance.

Why Do We Recommend Bulldog Hedge Shears Wavy Blade?

The Bulldog Hedge Shears with a Wavy Blade offer excellent cutting performance and compact design. Its practical accessories include a blade cover and hanging hook, making them a cost-effective choice for gardeners looking for reliable shears.

Want to learn more? Visit the Bulldog Hedge Shears Wavy Blade page.

Tool Dimensions 7.4 cm x 13.9 cm x 90 cm
Blade Length 230 mm
Blade Material Blued steel
Handle Material SoftGrip rubber
Weight 0.9 kg

The Bulldog Hedge Shears are suitable for those looking to trim hedges and shrubs and perform topiary work. Their wavy blade design makes a clean cut, and the accessories make them convenient for storage and maintenance.

Niwaki Garden Shears


Best All-Rounder

Niwaki Garden Shears

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Reasons to Buy

  • Versatile all-rounder
  • High-quality construction
  • Comfortable and well-balanced
  • Durable SK steel blades
  • Extendable handles

Reasons to Avoid

  • Expensive
  • Not for professional landscaping
  • High maintenance

The Niwaki Garden Shears are like the jack-of-all-trades that master everything. These shears offer versatility, reliability, and quality craftsmanship that cater to many tasks.

They’re best known for their adaptability. They excel at trimming hedges, shrubs, box clipping, and topiary work – it’s like having a toolbox in your hand. The SK steel blades ensure not just durability but also clean, precise cuts.

But the real magic lies in the Japanese White Oak handles. They’re all about comfort and balance, with subtle bulges for the perfect grip. These shears are designed for everyday use, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned green thumb.

Plus, you’ve got options. Whether you pick the standard size or the longer handles for that extra reach, you can trust that Niwaki Garden Shears won’t let you down. They’ve thrown in a blade cover for protection and a vinyl sheath for storage, too.

Why Do We Recommend Niwaki Garden Shears?

Niwaki Garden Shears because they are versatile all-rounders suitable for various gardening tasks. Made with hard-wearing SK steel and Japanese White Oak handles, these shears offer a balance of durability and comfort.

Find further product details from the official Niwaki Garden Shears manufacturer page.

Tool Dimensions 56 x 14.5 x 2.6 cm
Blade Length 195 mm
Blade Material SK steel
Handle Material FSC oak
Weight 0.4 kg

Niwaki Garden Shears are suitable for anyone who values quality and performance. The SK steel blades and ergonomic design make them ideal for everyday use, offering a clean and precise cut every time.

Buyer’s Guide For Gardening Shears

Consider these factors when looking for a new pair of gardening shears.

  • Type: First, consider the type of gardening shears you need. The plant you'll be dealing with, such as bondsi trees, hedges, roses, and grass, can help you narrow down the pick.
  • Blade: The blade should be made from stainless or carbon steel for maximum durability. The two types include anvil and bypass - anvil blades are for deadwood, while bypass is for live wood. Pay attention to its cutting capacity, too; it should be able to handle the thickness of the plant.
  • Handle: Take a closer look at the handle. Is it ergonomically designed, robust, extendable, and packed with safety features? These are all good factors to consider.


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about gardening shears.

You’ll notice that they no longer make clean cuts and often crush the plant material. This points to dulled or damaged blades. Visible corrosion, rust, and pitting is also a sign that you should replace your gardening shears.

It’s best not to use your gardening shears on wet or damp plants. Moisture on the plant material can lead to less precise materials, crushing the plant in the process. It can also cause the blades to rust.

Yes, you can find specialised shears for different plants in your garden. For example, rose pruning shears make clean and precise cuts on rose stems. Meanwhile, bonsai shears are designed for intricate work.