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Keeping your lawn well-manicured requires the right equipment. A reliable and powerful lawn mower is at the heart of every lawn maintenance strategy.

Choosing the right lawn mower can be challenging due to the many types and options available. Do you value eco-friendliness, affordability, or durability? For those interested in cutting-edge technology, consider exploring the best robotic mowers for an automated lawn care experience. In this guide, we’re going to tell you about more than just the best UK lawn mowers available.

We’ll also talk about the types and include some tips to help you make a choice. Whether you’re hoping to clean up a large lawn or sharpen the edges of a small one, there’s a lawn mower for everyone. Keep reading to find out which one suits you best.

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Bosch Rotak 34R excels with its powerful electric performance, featuring precision cutting for a well-manicured lawn.

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Webb WER410SP leads in petrol mowers, offering robust power and versatility for efficient lawn maintenance and a professional finish.

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KÄRCHER LMO 18-36 stands out as the best cordless mower, providing freedom of movement with powerful battery performance for a pristine lawn.

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Cobra HM381 offers manual mowing with ease, combining simplicity and effectiveness for an eco-friendly and well-groomed lawn.

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Stihl RT 4082 excels in ride-on mowers, featuring advanced design and powerful performance for effortless lawn care and a manicured landscape.

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Types of Lawn Mowers

While there are many types of lawn mowers on the market, a few of the most common ones include:

  • Electric Lawn mowers: Electric lawn mowers are either battery-powered or corded. They're an environmentally friendly option that produces minimal noise and saves money in the long run.
  • Petrol Lawn mowers: Petrol lawn mowers have internal combustion engines that run on gas. They're robust and suitable for large lawns but not good for the environment.
  • Cordless Lawn mowers: Cordless lawn mowers run on rechargeable batteries. They're best for medium-sized lawns and provide better mobility and ease of use.
  • Manual Lawn mowers: Manual lawn mowers rely on the push of a human operator and don't include batteries or engines. They're eco-friendly, quiet, and perfect for small lawns.
  • Ride-On Lawn mowers: Ride-on lawn mowers are designed for professional use or large lawns. They run on powerful engines and include a seat and steering wheel for a human operator.

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The Best Lawn Mowers in 2024

Discover the top lawn mowers, tailored for efficiency and precision in grass cutting, ensuring a well-manicured lawn that stands out in both beauty and health.

Bosch Rotak 34R


Best Electric

Bosch Rotak 34R Electric Lawnmower

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Reasons to Buy

  • Durable build quality
  • Rear roller for striped mowing
  • Five different cutting heights
  • Capacious grass bin
  • Lightweight body

Reasons to Avoid

  • Doesn't indicate when the grass box is full
  • No mulching feature
  • One right-handed start lever

If electric lawn mowers are your style, the Bosch Rotak 34R has all you need. It gets the job done with minimal effort on your end, creating crisp-cut lawn edges every time. It runs on a powerful 1300-watt motor that ensures consistency, variety, and robustness.

The first thing you’ll notice about this motor is its innovative Ergoflex design. Your hands won’t feel tired or cramped even after a complete lawn mowing session. You can also reduce strain on your back and arms by adjusting the handle according to your needs.

You’ll also benefit from its generous cutting-height range, adjustable between 20 and 70 mm. Combine this with its expert grass combs, and it’ll also guarantee fine edging. Achieving the lawn height of your dreams has never been easier.

Since its grass bin can hold up to 40 litres of clippings, you won’t have to interrupt your task to empty it. Once you’re done mowing, its lightweight build makes storage even easier.

Why Do We Recommend The Bosch Rotak 34R?

We recommend the Bosch Rotak 34R for its durable build, cutting height range, and grass bin capacity. It’s lightweight and skilled enough to mow your lawn on a single charge without interruptions.

Weight 24.5 lbs
Working Area Capacity 350 sqm
Cutting Width 34 cm
Cutting Height 20-70 mm
Grass Bin Capacity 40 litres

The Bosch Rotak 34R is suitable for small to medium-sized lawns due to its cutting width and battery life. It’s perfect for homeowners who need something easy to use to begin their lawn maintenance journey.

Webb WER410SP


Best Petrol

Webb WER410SP

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Reasons to Buy

  • Operates quietly
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Great value for money
  • Ideal for small lawns
  • Robust steel deck

Reasons to Avoid

  • No mulching feature
  • Heavy
  • Doesn't indicate when the grass bin is full

Petrol-powered lawn mowers are a controversial pick in the realm of lawn maintenance. But if you want the power and robustness of petrol mowers without the hassle and luggage, the Webb WER410SP won’t disappoint. It runs on a 132cc Webb engine, delivering consistent and impressive performance.

Even better, this mower is self-propelled. You won’t have to strain your arms and back pushing it around the lawn, making lawn care so much easier. This feature is perfect for larger lawns where a complete mowing session can cause fatigue and cramps.

The mower also allows you to experiment with various cutting heights, ranging from 25 to 75 mm. You’ll have complete control over the length of your grass. Stopping to empty the grass bin is a thing of the past since this model has a 50-litre capacity.

You can also save money on fertiliser costs since this mower has a mulching feature. Other cool features to note include its durable steel deck, lightweight body, and foldable handlebars.

Why Do We Recommend The Webb WER410SP?

The WER410SP is a heavy-duty lawn mower that operates surprisingly quietly for a petrol-powered motor. We recommend it to anyone who values powerful lawn care tools without the noise and hassle they usually come with.

Weight 57.3 lbs
Working Area Capacity 500 sqm
Cutting Width 41 cm
Cutting Height 25-75 mm
Grass Bin Capacity 45 litres

The WER410SP is suitable for small to medium-sized lawns. It gets the job done quickly thanks to the powerful motor and generous cutting width, offering great value for money.



Best Cordless


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Reasons to Buy

  • Adjustable handle
  • Cuts neat edges
  • Battery level displayed in remaining minutes
  • Lightweight body
  • Easy to manoeuvre

Reasons to Avoid

  • Takes a while to charge
  • Battery level not visible while mowing
  • Tricky to assemble

Cordless lawn mowers save you from the hassle of tripping over wires and the restrictions of short cord lengths. With the KÄRCHER LMO 18-36, complete freedom is guaranteed. This battery-powered lawn mower is designed with convenience and performance in mind.

It runs on an 18V 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery with a 36 cm cutting width for ample power and coverage. It also boasts a 2-in-1 mowing system. So, you can choose between collecting grass clippings in the 45-litre box or evenly distributing them on your lawn for natural fertilisation.

Its cutting-height range is impressive, too, ranging from 30 to 70 mm. The real-time technology on the LCD battery display gives you tons of cool features to adjust. You can check the charging status, remaining runtime, and other essential information about the mower.

Running this cordless mower is also pretty straightforward and comfortable. It features an ergonomic carrying handle and a lightweight body to facilitate easy storage and manoeuvring. The mower comes with a safety to prevent theft and unintentional use.

Why Do We Recommend The KÄRCHER LMO 18-36?

We recommend the KÄRCHER LMO 18-36 for its cordless freedom that allows you to mow the lawn without worrying about tripping over wires or being limited by cord length. It runs for 24 minutes and has a 36 cm cutting width.

Weight 31.3 lbs
Working Area Capacity 350 sqm
Cutting Width 36 cm
Cutting Height 16-36 mm
Grass Bin Capacity 45 litres

Thanks to its battery life, cutting width, and grass bin capacity, the KÄRCHER LMO 18-36 is perfect for mowing a small lawn on a single charge.

Cobra HM381


Best Manual

Cobra HM381

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Reasons to Buy

  • Compact and lightweight build
  • Great value for money
  • Good for the environment
  • Comfortable operation
  • Works noiselessly

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some parts are flimsy
  • Tricky to set up
  • Low grass bin capacity

Manual lawn mowers are often the best pick for eco-conscious homeowners and gardeners. They produce zero emissions and use no electricity or batteries, but pushing them around can be tiresome. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that with the Cobra HM381.

At only 19.8 lbs, running this manual mower is a breeze. It has ergonomic handles to prevent fatigue and simple blade adjustment for ease of use. What more could one ask for?

The mower has a 38 cm cutting width for a 5-blade cylinder cutting system. Your lawn will enjoy clean and precise cuts for a well-manicured finish. Adjusting the cutting height from 13 to 38 mm is also pretty easy.

You’ll also find comfort in the capacious grass bin, which comes with an adjustable grass bag strap for maximum comfort. You won’t have to empty this bin until the end of the session. The HM381 also features a rear roller to create classic striped patterns on your lawn.

Why Do We Recommend The Cobra HM381?

The Cobra HM381 is human-powered, but at 19.8 lbs, it’s quite lightweight. Pushing this mower around is as easy as it gets, and it also operates silently.

Weight 19.8 lbs
Working Area Capacity Unspecified
Cutting Width 38 cm
Cutting Height 13-38 mm
Grass Bin Capacity 26 litres

Since the Cobra HM381 is a push mower, it can mow any size of lawn you’re willing to mow. It’s suitable for homeowners seeking something eco-friendly, affordable, and lightweight.

Stihl RT 4082


Best Ride-on Mower

Stihl RT 4082

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Reasons to Buy

  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Easy to adjust cutting heights
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Lightweight body
  • Low maintenance

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited reverse speed
  • Not suitable for small lawns
  • Limited bin capacity

Whether you’re a professional looking for a heavy-duty mower to use on-site or a homeowner hoping to mow your extra-large lawn, look no further than the Stihl RT 4082. This is one of the most robust ride-on mowers on the market.m, covering up to 4000 sqm of land! It’s safe to say it can get the job done in no time.

Of course, it comes with a steering wheel and seat for the human operator. That means you can enjoy a comfortable ride while the mower does the work for you. Its low step is especially helpful for senior homeowners getting on and off the mower with ease.

The small turning circle is one of its standout features, allowing it to navigate smoothly around obstacles like trees and shrubs. The 80 cm cutting width is generous, alongside the 35 to 80 mm height range. Lastly, the 250-litre grass bin has more than enough to hold all the clippings until your lawn is mowed.

Why Do We Recommend Stihl RT 4082?

We recommend the Stihl RT 4082 for its sheer power and expert ability to mow any type of lawn. It cuts through tough and overgrown vegetation, bringing any grass type down to your desired lawn height.

Weight 445 lbs
Working Area Capacity 4000 sqm
Cutting Width 80 cm
Cutting Height 35-90 mm
Grass Bin Capacity 6 litres

The Stihl RT 4082 is suitable for extra-large lawns and professional use. It comes with a seat for homeowners and gardeners to relax while they steer this powerful ride-on mower.

Which One Should You Choose?

The choice of lawn mower depends on your lawn maintenance needs. If you have a small flat, opt for a manual mower for an affordable solution. Meanwhile, cordless lawn mowers can be free from wires but limited by run time.

You can also go for petrol lawn mowers if you have a large, uneven garden, but they can require some maintenance. Lastly, ride-on mowers can be ideal for professional use.

Ranking Method

We’ve used a comprehensive ranking method to pick the best lawn mowers on the UK market. We narrowed down the best products in various categories, like Best Electric, Best Petrol-Powered, Best Cordless, and more.

We’ve also factored in each product’s working area capacity, features, battery life, reviews, price, pros, and cons. With our helpful guide, you can make an informed decision for your lawn maintenance needs.


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about lawn mowers.

Yes, you can convert a gas-powered lawn mower to an electric one, but it’s quite complex. You’ll need to make modifications like adding a battery or replacing the engine with an electric motor.

When a lawnmower is in “bagging” mode, it collects and removes grass clippings. “Mulching” means cutting the grass into smaller pieces and spreading them on the lawn as fertilizer.

In general, you should sharpen the blades on your lawn mower once a year. This will ensure the machine’s performance doesn’t deteriorate.