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Ever looked at a fence and thought, “Wow, that’s some high-quality paint job!”? No? Just me? Well, after today, you might start! Choosing the right fence paint isn’t just about picking a colour that matches your garden gnome; it’s about protection, durability, and making your neighbours green with envy. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of picking the best fence paint and how to slap it on like a pro.

Best Buy Fence Paint

Here are the reviews, technical specifications, pros, and cons of the best fence paint in the UK.

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RONSEAL Fence Life in Medium Oak ensures swift, one-coat coverage for a vibrant fence transformation.

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Johnstones Woodcare provides enduring UV protection with a quick-dry formula for a 3-year life in Dark Oak.

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Cuprinol Garden Shades in Willow (2.5L) offers a spectrum of colors, adding vibrancy to your outdoor space.

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A budget-friendly, water-based solution for large projects, ensuring efficient coverage.

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Roxil Wood Waterproofing Liquid preserves outdoor wood, offering clarity and protection in a 5L Clear formula.

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Importance of Choosing the Right Fence Paint

First off, why bother with fence paint? Can’t you just let nature take its course? Sure, if you’re aiming for a rustic, “I’ve given up on life” look. But if you want a fence that stands tall and proud through storms, sun, and the occasional soccer ball assault, you need the right paint. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about shielding your wooden warrior from the elements.

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The Best Fence Paint in 2024

Explore the epitome of fence paint in 2024, delivering power and versatility for your DIY projects, transforming every task into a breeze with the best in your hands.


Best for Quick Application

RONSEAL RSLOCFLMO5L One Coat Fence Life, Medium Oak, 5 Litre

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Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to Use: Can be applied easily with a brush or sprayer.
  • Quick Drying: Dries quickly, allowing for faster project completion.
  • Economical: Offers good coverage, reducing the amount of paint needed.
  • Environmental Friendly: Water-based, which is better for the environment compared to oil-based alternatives.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited Application: Not suitable for use on smooth planed wood, decking, or garden furniture.
  • Color Variation: Some users reported the colour being too orange for their preference.

The RONSEAL RSLOCFLMO5L One Coat Fence Life in Medium Oak is a game-changer for anyone looking to protect and beautify their garden timber. This 5-litre juggernaut is not just any fence paint; it’s a weather-protecting, color-locking, easy-to-apply solution for your garden’s wooden warriors.

Weather Protection

Living in an area where the weather changes its mood more than a soap opera character? No worries. This paint has got your back, or rather, your fence’s back. It’s specifically formulated to shield your garden timber from the rigours of weather, ensuring your fence stands tall through rain, shine, and everything in between.

Fade-Resistant Color

One of the standout features of this paint is its ability to lock in colour with just one coat. The medium oak shade is not just any brown; it’s a rich, fade-resistant hue that brings warmth and elegance to your garden. And the best part? You achieve this vibrant colour without the need for multiple coats, saving you time and effort.

Easy Application

Whether you’re a DIY newbie or a seasoned pro, applying this paint is as easy as pie. Its water-based formula means you can say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to easy cleanups. Plus, its coverage is impressive. With 5 litres covering up to 30m², you can give your fence a makeover without breaking the bank.

Eco-Friendly Choice

In today’s world, where being environmentally conscious is more important than ever, this paint shines. Being water-based, it’s less harmful to our planet compared to its oil-based counterparts. So, you can rest easy knowing your garden makeover isn’t costing the earth.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The paint’s limitation to rough sawn timber means it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. And, while the medium oak colour is generally beloved, some users have found it too orange for their liking. It’s a reminder that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what works for one garden might not work for another.

  • Weather Protection: Designed to protect garden timber from the elements.
  • Fade-Resistant Color: Offers a durable, medium oak colour in just one coat.
  • Coverage: 5 litres can cover up to 30m².
  • Surface Recommendation: Specifically formulated for use on wood.
  • Material: Water-based, making it easier to clean up and less harmful to the environment.
  • Special Features: UV resistant to prevent colour fading from sunlight exposure.


Best for Longevity

Johnstones Woodcare One Coat Shed & Fence Paint Garden Outdoor Fencing UV Protection Quick Dry 3 Year Life (9L – Dark Oak)

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Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to Apply: Smooth application with minimal dripping.
  • Excellent Coverage: Often requires only one coat for full coverage.
  • Durable: Resistant to peeling and flaking over time.
  • Eco-Friendly: Water-based formula is less harmful to the environment.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited Color Options: Available in Dark Oak, which may not suit all preferences.
  • Size Availability: Only comes in a 9L size, which may be too much for smaller projects.

When it comes to giving your garden woodwork a new lease of life, Johnstones Woodcare One Coat Shed & Fence Paint in Dark Oak is a game-changer. Designed specifically for outdoor fencing and sheds, this 9L behemoth is not just any ordinary paint. It’s a protective shield, a colour enhancer, and a time saver, all rolled into one.

Quick and Easy Application

One of the standout features of this paint is its quick-drying formula. In the world of outdoor projects, time is of the essence. You want to get the job done fast, without sacrificing quality. Johnstones understands this, offering a product that dries rapidly, allowing you to complete your projects in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

Enhanced Durability with Wax Enrichment

The wax-enriched formula is where Johnstones really shines. This isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about protection. The added wax provides a layer of water repellency, ensuring that rainwater beads off instead of soaking in. This feature, combined with the paint’s inherent UV protection, means your fence or shed isn’t just painted; it’s armoured against the elements.

Long-Lasting Beauty

We’ve all seen outdoor woodwork that looks great for a season, only to fade, peel, or flake away by the next. Johnstones promises up to 3 years of vibrant colour and protection, making it a wise investment for anyone looking to reduce their maintenance workload. The UV protection ensures the sun’s harsh rays won’t dull your fence’s new look, keeping it as vivid in year three as it was on day one.

Eco-Friendly Choice

In today’s environmentally conscious world, the eco-friendliness of products is more important than ever. Johnstones’ water-based formula offers a nod to nature, being less harmful than traditional oil-based paints. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to minimise their environmental footprint while sprucing up their outdoor space.


While the Dark Oak colour is rich and versatile, those looking for a broader colour palette may find the options limited. Additionally, the 9L size, while economical for large projects, might be excessive for smaller tasks.

  • Quick Drying: Allows for faster completion of projects.
  • Wax Enriched: Offers enhanced water repellency.
  • Long Lasting Colour and Protection: Ensures the paint remains vibrant and protective for up to 3 years.
  • UV Protection: Shields the wood from harmful UV rays, preventing fading and damage.
  • Specific Uses for Product: Ideal for exterior wood surfaces.
  • Surface Recommendation: Specifically designed for wood.
  • Is Waterproof: True, providing excellent water resistance.


Best for Color Variety

Cuprinol 5083484 Garden Shades – Willow (2.5L)

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  • Easy to Use: High ratings for ease of application.
  • Durability: Rated highly for its durability and weatherproof qualities.
  • Easy to Clean: Water-based formula makes cleanup a breeze.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Provides a beautiful matt colour that enhances the wood's natural beauty.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Allergic Reactions: Contains substances that may produce an allergic reaction.
  • Environmental Concerns: Harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects.

Cuprinol’s 5083484 Garden Shades in Willow offers a unique solution for those looking to protect and beautify their garden woodwork. This 2.5L can of paint is not just any ordinary paint; it’s a testament to Cuprinol’s commitment to combining aesthetics with functionality. Designed specifically for outdoor use, this paint brings out the natural grain of wood while providing up to six years of weather protection, making it an ideal choice for garden enthusiasts and homeowners alike.

Beautiful Matt Finish

One of the standout features of Cuprinol Garden Shades is its beautiful matt finish. Unlike glossy finishes that can reflect too much light and look unnatural, the matt finish of this paint enhances the natural beauty of the wood, giving it a soft, elegant look. Whether you’re painting a fence, shed, or garden furniture, the Willow colour offers a subtle, natural green that blends seamlessly into outdoor spaces.

Versatile Use

Cuprinol Garden Shades is not limited to just wood; it’s also suitable for terracotta, brick, and stone. This versatility allows for a cohesive look throughout your garden, as you can match the colour of your woodwork with other elements in your outdoor space. Whether you’re refreshing an old terracotta pot or giving your brick wall a new lease of life, this paint ensures consistency in colour and protection across different materials.

Application Method

Ease of application is another key feature of this product. Whether you prefer brushing or spraying, Cuprinol Garden Shades caters to your preferred method. The water-based formula ensures a smooth application process, reducing the effort required to achieve a professional-looking finish. Moreover, its quick-drying properties allow for efficient work, letting you apply multiple coats in a single day if necessary.

Environmental Considerations

While Cuprinol Garden Shades is celebrated for its aesthetic appeal and durability, it’s important to note its environmental impact. The paint contains substances that may produce allergic reactions in some individuals, and it’s harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects. Users are encouraged to take precautions during application and disposal to minimize environmental harm.

  • Beautiful Matt Finish: Enhances the natural grain of wood.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for wood, terracotta, brick, and stone.
  • Application Method: Can be applied with a brush or sprayed for convenience.
  • Water-Based: Environmentally friendly and easy to clean up.
  • Weather Protection: Offers up to 6 years of protection for wood surfaces.


Best Bulk Buy

Water Based Shed and Fence Paint – Dark Grey – One Coat – 20 Litre

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Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to Apply: High ease of use with good coverage, often requiring only one coat.
  • Excellent Value for Money: Large volume provides good coverage, making it cost-effective.
  • Durable: Offers longevity and excellent colour retention.
  • Environmental Friendly: Water-based formula is less harmful to the environment.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavy Tins: The product is heavy, making it difficult to handle and pour without spilling.

In the realm of outdoor wood protection, the Water Based Shed and Fence Paint – Dark Grey – One Coat – 20 Litre stands out as a formidable choice for those looking to enhance and safeguard their wooden structures. This product, distinguished by its fast-drying, water-based formula, offers a practical and efficient solution for the exterior treatment of sheds and fences.

Ease of Application

One of the most lauded features of this paint is its ease of application. Customers have consistently praised its ability to cover well with just a single coat, making it a time-saver for weekend warriors and professional painters alike. The matte finish not only adds a modern aesthetic to any garden but also disguises imperfections, ensuring your outdoor spaces look polished and well-maintained.

Environmental and Practical Benefits

As an environmentally friendly option, the water-based nature of this paint means cleanup is a breeze, requiring just soap and water. This feature, coupled with the paint’s fast-drying capabilities, allows for a quick turnaround on projects, minimizing downtime and disruption to your outdoor activities.

Coverage and Value

The generous 20-litre packaging is another highlight, offering excellent value for money. Capable of covering up to 8 standard fence panels, this paint allows homeowners to complete extensive projects without the need for multiple purchases. Its durability and excellent colour retention mean fewer reapplications over time, further enhancing its cost-effectiveness.

  • Fast-Drying: Quick drying time enhances convenience.
  • Matte Finish: Provides a sleek, modern look.
  • Water-Based: Eco-friendly and easy to clean up.
  • 20 Litre Size: Covers up to 8 fence panels (6' x 5') depending on surface.
  • Exterior Use: Specifically designed for outdoor use, offering weather protection.


Best for Wood Preservation

Roxil Wood Waterproofing Liquid (5L Clear) Wood Preserver Outdoor

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  • Effective Waterproofing: Provides strong resistance against moisture.
  • Preserves Wood's Natural Look: Does not alter the aesthetic of the wood.
  • Reduces Maintenance: Limits mould and algae, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.
  • Enhances Wood Stability: Minimizes the risk of warping and cracking.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: Durable treatment that doesn't require frequent reapplication.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Preparation Required: Wood needs to be clean and dry before application.
  • Weather Dependent Application: Cannot be applied if rain is forecasted shortly after treatment.

Roxil Wood Waterproofing Liquid (5L Clear) is a game-changer for anyone looking to protect their outdoor wood surfaces without compromising on the natural beauty of the material. This silicone-based emulsion is a testament to the innovation in wood preservation, offering a suite of benefits that extend the life and appearance of wood in outdoor settings.

Effective Waterproofing

One of the standout features of Roxil Wood Waterproofing Liquid is its ability to create an impermeable barrier against moisture. This is crucial for outdoor wood surfaces that are constantly exposed to the elements. By preventing water absorption, Roxil ensures that your wood decks, fences, and furniture remain free from the warping and rot that moisture can cause.

Preserving Natural Beauty

Unlike some treatments that can alter the colour or texture of wood, Roxil maintains the natural appearance of the wood. This is particularly important for those who value the rustic or specific aesthetic that their wood surfaces offer. With Roxil, the wood remains visually unchanged, yet significantly more durable against weathering.

Reducing Maintenance

The reduction of organic growth is another significant advantage. Outdoor wood is prone to mould and algae, especially in damp conditions. Roxil’s treatment reduces the likelihood of these issues, meaning less time and effort spent on maintenance. This not only keeps your wood looking better for longer but also helps in preserving its structural integrity.

Application Ease

Despite the need for initial preparation, the application of Roxil Wood Waterproofing Liquid is straightforward. It can be applied with a brush or sprayer, making it accessible for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. The product’s formulation ensures that it penetrates deeply into the wood, providing thorough protection with just two coats.

Long-Lasting Protection

Durability is a key factor in any wood treatment, and Roxil excels in this area. Its long-lasting protection reduces the need for frequent reapplications, making it a cost-effective solution for preserving outdoor wood. This longevity, coupled with its non-biocidal formula, makes Roxil an environmentally friendly choice for wood preservation.

  • Waterproofs Wood: Creates a barrier that prevents water absorption.
  • Maintains Appearance: Keeps the natural look of the wood intact.
  • Reduces Organic Growth: Limits the growth of mould and algae on the wood surface.
  • Protects from Warping: Enhances dimensional stability of wood, reducing warping.
  • Long Lifetime: Offers durable protection for extended periods.
  • Non-Biocidal: Safe for use without containing harmful biocides.
  • Easy Application: Can be applied with a brush or sprayer for convenience.

How to Prepare Your Fence for Painting

Before you start painting, there’s a bit of prep work involved. You can’t just slap paint on and call it a day (well, you can, but it won’t look good).

Cleaning and Sanding

Your fence needs to be clean and smooth. A good wash and a bit of sanding can make a world of difference. Think of it as exfoliating before applying a face mask.

Priming Your Fence (If Necessary)

Not all paints require a primer, but if you’re going for a drastic colour change or using certain types of paint, priming can help you achieve a more even and durable finish.

Application Tips for a Professional Finish

Now, for the fun part: painting! But there’s an art to it if you want that professional finish.

Tools and Equipment Needed

Get yourself a good brush, roller, or even a sprayer if you’re feeling adventurous. Just like in makeup, the right tools can make all the difference.

Techniques for Even Application

Start from the top and work your way down, keeping your strokes even and avoiding drips. And remember, it’s not a race. Two thin coats are better than one thick, gloopy mess.

Drying Times and Second Coats

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to paint drying. Give it the time it needs, and if a second coat is required, make sure the first one is completely dry before going in again.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Once your fence is looking sharp, you’ll want to keep it that way. Regular cleaning and touch-ups can extend the life of your paint job, meaning you can go longer between full repaints. Keep an eye out for chips, cracks, and mould, and deal with them promptly.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to painting your fence, a few missteps can turn a weekend project into a month-long saga. Here are some pitfalls to steer clear of:

Skipping Prep Work

It’s tempting to dive right into painting, but failing to prep your fence properly is like cooking without seasoning—bland and disappointing. Cleaning, sanding, and priming (if needed) are crucial steps for a finish that lasts.

Using the Wrong Type of Paint

Not all paints are created equal, especially when it comes to outdoor use. Using interior paint on your fence is like wearing socks with sandals—a bad idea. Make sure you’re using paint designed for exterior use and suitable for your fence material.

Ignoring Weather Conditions

Painting your fence in the wrong weather can ruin your hard work. Too hot, and the paint dries too quickly; too cold, and it won’t dry properly. And if it rains? You might as well start over. Always check the forecast before you begin.

Now, let’s tackle some of the most common questions you might have about fence painting.


This depends on several factors, including the type of paint used, the material of your fence, and your local climate. Generally, a well-maintained fence needs a new coat of paint or stain every 2 to 5 years.

Not quite. It’s important to use paint specifically designed for exterior surfaces and suitable for the material of your fence (wood, metal, etc.). This ensures the paint adheres properly and withstands the elements.

This varies based on the size of your fence and the type of paint. A good rule of thumb is that a gallon of paint covers about 200 to 300 square feet for a single coat. Measure your fence and plan accordingly, and always buy a little extra for touch-ups.

Both methods have their pros and cons. Spraying is faster and can cover large areas evenly, but it requires more prep to protect surrounding areas from overspray. Brushing or rolling gives you more control and is better for detailed work but can be time-consuming.

Spring or early fall, when temperatures are mild and there’s less chance of rain. Avoid painting in extreme heat or cold, which can affect how the paint dries and adheres to the fence.

With these tips and answers in hand, you’re well on your way to giving your fence a facelift that not only looks great but also stands the test of time. Remember, a little effort goes a long way in maintaining the beauty and integrity of your outdoor space.